US Child Abuse Stats – #Data4Justice

all i can say justice is coming round thick and fast


Dr. Lori Handrahan

A Word About the Name

The name of this crime is in flux.

Child pornography is a legal term in America used by prosecutors, judges and the media.

However, there is a growing movement objecting to the term child pornography and a corresponding debate about what this crime should be called.

Some have argued that the term child sex abuse is not adequate because sex describes legal, consenting adult behavior rather than the illegal rape of children. Child exploitation, some say, is a weak phrase that does not capture the reality of the rape and torture children are enduring.

The term Data4Justice is most comfortable with is the Trade in Child Rape & Torture because that is what is occurring.

Massive numbers of Americans trade, on-line every day in images, videos and live-streams of children being raped and brutally tortured. What is depicted in many of…

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