When can the court agree adoption is necessary ?

too many children are adopted for no reason and fostered because of proffessionals faillings


And what do we mean by ‘nothing else will do’?

Adoption proceedings are dealt with by the Adoption and Children Act 2002. We agree that adoptions can be ‘forced’ in that the court can make an adoption order without getting the parents’ consent. But we don’t agree that this equates to a deliberate plot to target ‘adoptable’ children to get them into the system.

We believe that parents’  rights to be heard and produce evidence about what they think is the best outcome for their child are real and usually respected in the system. Judges have warned against the dangers of ‘social engineering’ for many years now.

In this post we consider the relevant case law which the court must have in mind when considering making a final care order which has a plan for adoption. The case of Re B-S in 2013 caused a stir amongst lawyers and social workers…

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