to my babies the last three years as been the hardest times of our lives and i know

the pain and the heart break you have all been suffering

but believe me your mom is here i have not stopped fighting and will not

untill you all are reunited with your family

and no matter what walsall social social workers have told you

it is not true i never gave you up and the reason i never gave you all up is because that was the most frighting thing in my life that i feared and because you all my babies and the love i have for all of you is unreal babies

i have cried the last three years more than i have or ever will in my life because there was no reason for social services to steal you all from me

and please remember im here

im fighting

i will not stop untill justice is served

and more than anything remember that all the love i have in my heart and soul for all 8 of my children is stronger than ever and you all my babies are my inspirations and you all have made me realise i am somebody

i can fight and no matter who the fight is with as long as i stand my ground and the truth is there

we all have the chance to be reunited again

and please remember the star i told you all about the one which is your mom and im looking down and protecting you all 4 off you keep looking for the star because its coming closer to home

and please remember your all my hereos and

justice shall be coming thick and fast

love you all my babies with all my heart and soul and not one day goes by without me thinking off all of you

conditional love

love from [mom] clare wakeman


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