I wonder in hearts of hearts if there really is a light at the end of the tunnel

because iv been waiting since i was 6 to see this light

and i wonder how many children in the systems are screaming to be unsilenced and see what we all pray for the light at the end the tunnel

i wonder if social workers can sleep at night

i wonder if the goverment have a concience

i wonder if all mps involved in covering up child abuse and been part of the sick circle are going to come forward and bring the truth to the surface

i wonder why people and proffessionals destroy lives

for the fun of it

for there faillings and trying to cover there backs

i wonder

iv always wondered why god created us :for the hurt and pain we suffer all day after day

for the silence of children to be kept silent

for abusers to walk free without any concquences

for every day to be a darker day and it goes on

but i cant blame god because he didnt make us this way we make what we are who we are today

but i also wonder when david cameron is going to hang up is boxing gloves and call it a day because he is not only causing is self world war 3 to come to light but hes going to drag everybody else down with him

he is a man who needs to exept all is wrongs before he can put right what hes causing the world

and to all mps im horrified to say that you have covered up historical abuse and ongoing abuse what if it was the other way round it was ur daughters

ur sons

ur wife

ur mom or dad

it would be a different story so whats so different to your famillies and ours cus u have more money or a title well im sorry thats no excuse to let innocents famillies suffer through covering up all ur behinds

thank you

clare wakeman


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