here is some more on case

david haley
executive director
walsall safe guarding
walsall council your corruption just gets better i hope know u all are responsable for a death of a grandad who was fighting for is grandchildren
for over 10 yrs
well iv got something to tell you this man phil thompson came to home kast yr and gave me all the original documents on his case and more and know all these documents are going to the press with all the documents on my case and all photo graphes of mistreatment on my children all the cover ups everything
i aint fighting u no more
i aint going to waiste my time on u all
but know the truth coming out
angela hudson
ann louise hughes and all the other names i have are coming out
is it not enough you are responsble for childrens deaths
but granparents deaths
and mistreatment on children
and lies and cover ups
i have told the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me god all through my court cases
and proffessionals know now
well phil thompson was right all anout the corrupt proffessionals and nobody listened well the world will listen know
phil thompson gave me the reports for a reason and i know why know
and the mistreatment on children too
and the only reason you got my children is cus i put in for discharge too early
2 and half yrs on
what an excuse to keep raking the money inn
clare wakeman


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