please share

In two weeks time

THE trial starts in Chester Crown Court
that will evidence GROSS CRIMINALITY
across the local authority of
Cheshire West and Chester
in covering up and propagating

You are invited to attend.
Details –

If you attend, please follow the rules,
if we do this job correctly
we will see a huge change
forced onto those
who would cover up and propagate child abuse.

A special note to any activists attending
..we want to win the minds of the public
..we want them to be aware of these child abuses
…created by people in local authorities
…and for them to take action to stop the abusers.

PLEASE show the public
that we are on the same side
..we care
..we want justice
..we want children safe
.. we want adults treated justly
.. we want decency for all.

No threats of any kind are wanted or needed.
We want justice for my children,
We want justice for other children in the same situation.
We want those who have hijacked justice
to be held to account.

The real justice system is on our side.


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