to sabine mcneill

i would like to know why there is an arrest for sabine mcneill

all this woman has done is tell the truth and just becuase people are getting to find the truth

does this mean the goverment are going to arresst everyone just cus the truth coming out

im really sorry but this is so wrong

the truth has been coming out for years but the proffessionals in goverment

who have covered up all this abuse

are running scared know and god they should

be they been dragging the goverment down for too long and its time for all mps involved

and god knows who else to be


so to the goverment you can arresst the whole world just cus people are standing up for children been abused

and if i was the goverment i would be worried more about the historical abuse that is been found out and the people involved

thank you clare


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