the heart breaking truth on how my 4 big kids have had to get through there family been destroyed by walsall council

in 2012 when my 4 four babies was taken by the walsall council i had 4 children still left with me and they had to deal with our family been destroyed in the way that they could 

marie my eldest daughter 

who is know 20 and is a mother her self she is a inspiration to young girls out there she has a son who is georgeous she has her own home and believe me marie goes to college she gets her son in to school everyday he is the well looked child i know and marie is going to university this year 

me and my daughter have had a strained relationship in the past because of what was going on and me not knowing who i am inside my self but know im a diffrent person im so glad to say our relationship is good

marie too me as always been a inspiration because she has always been a independant person and has always been here for me especially when we all i was tore apart but marie is my first born child and she has made me proud and all i can i say is this

marie i have not always been there when i supposed of too but i did not know how to be there for anyone especially my self but i am in a diffrent place and no matter what i have always loved you unconditionally

my daughter has had to go through all we have abut look at her she s a brilliant mom

the bestest daughter and she is a great sister to all her siblings

im very proud of you marie very

ian is my 2nd oldest and when the babies was been taken ian tried to stop social services from taking them he kept saying mom help me but i did not know were i was who i was and what was going on 

but i think ian knew he had to drop is guard but i have never seen ian cry as much as he did whe the babies have been taken he is a 19 yr old man and im very proud of too of ian he missess is siblings like crazy and ian has a picture of is siblings in is bedroom and some times i can hear ian cry in is room

ian has a girlfriend who he has been with for 2 yrs and he loves her to bits ian is a qualified painter and decorator know and he works very hard

but ian too is a great brother to is siblings he always talking to is brother s and says how proud he is of is brothers who have learning difficulities

but ian im so proud of u too

lee and danny /these are my two lads who have adhg and autism and learning difficulities but you know they both have shocked every body 

when the babies was taken lee started loosing is hair and locked is self away in is room he could not cope neither could danny you could see both of them was lost and did not know were they was going

so what i did i started from scratch with lee and danny every proffessional failled lee and danny in every worst way possible so lee could not cope with main stream school after the babies was had been taken so i could not see him suffer any more i got lee out of the school and got lee in to some thing called imapct but you know lee has come along way

when the babies was taken lee could of gone down the right road or the wrong road i was there but lee choose to go down the right road and know lee is a 15 yr old young man and god what a inspiration he is he fantastic he has passed every exam and the school are so proud of lee but lee so is your mom and u have done this your self and when lee leaves school this yr he has been asked to go back to impact and mentore young children with disabilities which lee cant wait

and lee as well your mom is so proud of you

danny was hit so bad when the babies was taken

danny is know 17 and he too has shocked so many people not me cus i knew lee and danny could do it `danny cries alot for is siblings especially is little brother corey danny and corey have a bond no body can break cus danny is a proffessional gardner and corey always used to go with dan to do is gardens it was lovley too see

danny also missess is sisters too and i have had to see my lads cry the last 3 yrs like iv never seen lads cry lee thoe cant show is emotions i suppose when you have been failled and hurt so much then you stop feeling pain but danny and ian do cry

danny too has a girlfriend and is doing great

danny your mom is so proud of you

you know i have had to see my 4 childrens lives be destroyed like the babies lives have been through walsall councils faillings but you know my daughter and lads have proven that they are inspirational young men and woman and im so proud of all 4 of them but im so proud of my 4 babies too i cant believe how strong siblings can be and how hard they can fight to want to all be reunited again

but you know what a sad and heart breaking way to have to show all this

i love all 8 of children unconditionally and if it was not for all of my children i would not be here know

thank you clare wakeman


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