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Serious case review: Child W3 [full overview report].  

Fergus Smith

Published by Walsall Safeguarding Children Board (2014)

Subjects Case reviews

Keywords Accident and emergency departments, Action for Children, Assessment, Bangladeshi people,Boys, Child neglect, Children as carers, Children in violent families, Children with learning difficulties,Children’s centres, Communication, Disguised compliance, Emergency services, England, Family functioning, Family support services, Family violence, Fathers, General practitioners, Hospitals,Independent social workers, Information sharing, Interagency cooperation, Interpreters, Language,Maternal depression, Mothers, Nurseries, Official inquiries, Paediatricians, Physical abuse, Police,Psychologists, Record keeping, Schools, Sure Start, Voluntary organisations, Weapons

Abstract Serious injury of a 9-year-old British boy of Bangladeshi ethnic origin, in March 2013. Child W3 presented to accident and emergency on two separate occasions with multiple injuries believed to be caused by a knife. Mother was arrested and charged with wounding her son; Crown Prosecution Service later decided there was insufficient evidence to prosecute. Family were well known to children’s social care and were in receipt of services from over 20 different agencies. W3 and his 5 siblings, two of whom had additional needs, were subject to child protection plans for a period prior to the incident. Significant history of domestic abuse allegedly perpetrated by mother and father. Issues identified include: mother’s domineering and demanding behaviour eclipsing children’s wishes and needs; father’s level of spoken English impeding his ability to communicate with agencies; response of agencies made more challenging by the number of children in the household and the substantial number of agencies involved with the family. Identifies lessons learnt, including: the views of children and fathers are of critical importance in providing an holistic picture of a family; parental insistence about a child’s special needs should not supplant evidence-based, multi-agency assessments. Makes various recommendations covering children’s social care, health services, school and police services.

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Citation Smith, F. (2014) Serious case review: Child W3 [full overview report]. Walsall: Walsall Safeguarding Children Board.

Copy no. Loan type Location Status Due date Shelfmark
1 NC045419 Reference only Case Review Collection Available INQUIRIES/2014

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