My Relationship with people in my family

My relationship with some of my family was volatile and agressive towards me but me the same too/i always felt like the RAUNT of the litter but my older brother dennis was pushed out alot too and i think thats why i stuck up for him alot.

there was 2 favourites in my family which was my brother and my sister why i dont know because they definatly was not angels neither was me or my brother but we all did deserve to be treated the same.And i know this caused sibling riverely between us because of the favourtism.

my brothers relationship with my bad was very volatile they did not get on at all and my dad was very agressive towards my brother and i hated my dad hitting my brother and be nasty towards him dennis went through alot in his younger life he was bullied at school to the extreme were my brother used to self harm so what he suffered at school and at home i can understand why because dennis could not win either way.but alot of my other didnt like dennis dennis in life ended up going off the rails and he couldnt take no more he was taking drugs taking gas and gods know what else my brother asked to be put in care because he couldnt live in the same house hold as my parents and i suppose i do understand and know why because i felt the same i hated been at home too.

i used to see my brother dennis go dwn the school with is friends [WELL SO CALLED FRIENDS]this one day i followed dennis and he was so high up on gas that he picked a piece of glass up and started cutting is self and he cut is arm duwn to the bone an ambulance was phoned and he was taken away

know all my brothers lifehe has been used

made out to be the joke in the gang he was in

but dennis life was destroyed he has been in and out of nursing homes and he has had a rough ride in life but know he is in his own flat and is doing well

but i would like to say taking drugs and air asoles is not the answer in life they damage the brain and they also kill so please do not take any drug please if you need help go to somebody who you trust or a proffessional and please explain whats going on please dont do what my brother did to get through life because believe me he regrets everything that happened to him but i suppose at the time he didnt know what to do but believe me he has always said that if he could change is life he definatly would of done iy diffrently

the relationship with my sister marie and me was very volatile and there was a lot of jelousy on my side towards her because of the favourtism between my mom and marie my sister used to do things and then blame me and i was not believed

my sister tried to hang me but this is how calucated she was she stacked 4 pillows up and i was only little at the time she stood me on the pillows and tied the light cord around my neck my mom thought we was too quiet and as my mom came up stairs my sister removed the first pillow and i could fee the wire tighten around my neck my walked in as my sister went to remove more pillows and my mom screamed and grabbed me and untied the wire my sister i do admit was punished for this my mom took me to the doctors and the dr thought my mom had done this but i did say what happened i had brusied and sore neck but was ok

my sister also stabbed me with a nitting needle and she tried to drown me

my sister was very cunning and i can remember the one time too we was top and tailed in the bath and my sister swore at me but as i went to swear back my dad was walking up stairs and he heard me he grabbed me out of the bath with nothing on and held me up the wall even at an early age i felt humiliated and embarassed

and as we both grew up i hated my sister not cus of what she did to me but because of the relationship my mom and sister had

i always wanted a relationship with my mom like sister did but my could not understand why i was so naughty and i think i was naughty cus i wanted her attention and that was the only way to get my moms attention

i suppose i did get on with my dad for a while i was a daddys little girl cus my dad could see the way i was treated but that what stopped my mom and dad used to argue so much about me been my dads favourite but cus of all the arguments this stopped

and my little brother i loved him i learnt him to pretend play and more i used to spend a lot of time with my little brother but i think its cus i wanted to protect him from anything but i need of bothered because my little brother was the star in my moms eye

so all my feelings inside grew and grew but not in a good way in a bad way and i suppose my self was heading dwn the wrong road

but we have seen and been part of domestic violence we used to see our parents neally kill each other

throwing things

swearing and more

we all used to be lined up and given the belt and i was always pushed to the front first my brother always never got the belt my little brother my made sure of that some times maybe my sister might just have the belt but when it got to my sister half the time my dad was told to stop and so we have all grown up

wittnessing domestic violence from family

but id like to say to any child any teenager if things are going on at home that are not right please please got to some body or walk in to a police staion no child deserves to wittness domestic violence neither do you deserve to feel it so please go to some body who can help please

thank you

clare wakeman


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