me and my siblings abuse

the abuse me and my sister and my brother suffered at the hands of my aunty

as time went again my feelings in my mind was getting out of control all i wanted was to have some body put there arms around me and say clare look it is going to be ok but i was lost and not knowing how far and how deep my feelings were i just isolated in a body that i didnt know or want to know

but my mom and dad decided to go back to work and got my aunty g to look after me my sister and my brother but i could not stand her there was something about her i could not put my finger on but i could feel her cruelty and i didnt like what i felt and god was i right that she was cruel

and again my aunty g did not like me or my brother and my sister was the favourite but even thoe she was the favourite she went through what we did and i just could not understand why we deserved to be hurt and humilliated in the way we was made to be

right my aunty g only exepted to look after me and my siblings because she thought she would get a chance to sleep with my dad so because of this reason we suffered /i remember my aunty g used to make us eat

red sauce and brown sauce sandwiches and if he didnt eat it she would make us sit on a chair untill our back sides was sore i remember vomiting on several occassions

when the hot summer nights came we all was made to go to bed at 5 oclock in the afternoons and we was warned that if we made a noice we would have it but as young children we got bored and fed up easily so we used to talk to each other and giggle

and god i wish we did not cus aunty g would come up stairs and grab us by the hair and tell us to shut the fxxx up or else

and we still didnt shut up so she came up the one day and got us out of bed and made us pull our own under wear down lie over the bed and belt us and then she would go in my brothers room and drag him of the top bunk bed by is hair and all i heard was screaming and crying and i used to put my fingers in my ears i hated my siblings been hurt i did in no way care about me i just did nt want my siblings suffer

and she used to make us stand in seperate corners f the house with our hands on our heads till we acked and i used to think what am i going to do to stop this

so the one day my mom and dad came home and i tried so hard to tell my mom and dad whats the evil aunty g was doing but i was not believed and then in that moment i thought ok then

so the abused went on for a bit longer and a bit longer and one day my dad came home from work early and caught aunty g abusing us and he grabbed her and threw her out of the door and all i can remember was me grabbing my my dads leg and at an early age saying dad i wished you believed me from the begining from the start cus no matter how felt about my siblings there was no way in my mind i wanted to see them hurt

but all this that had happened to me and my siblings made me more stronger and hard headed

and all i have to say to any child out there is that if you know something is not right the way you are treated please go straight away to somebody and tell them straight away cus no child deserves to be abused in anyway and please dont let your abuse keep carrying on please

thank you

clare wakeman


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