walsall council was told in 2014 that if they lied again that walsall council would be closed

walsall council in 2014 was told if they 

again on cases or lie in general they would be closed down

so i think the world needs to see my case because what walsall council have done to my family will show all the lies cover ups and more 

and will prove the mistreatment on my children but what upsets me too is that iv enrolled for college and today i went for a english and maths test at walsall college 

and i came back im below gcse entry level 

but to be honest i knew what the results would be

so does this not prove again that walsall council have not only failled my family but have failled me too and me in a big way i tried telling proffessionals something was wrong and nobody listened to me so i had to go through life thinking i was nothing and why i found diffrent to everyone else too

thank you

clare wakeman


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