this is going to be a walsall council if nothing is done to stop there corruption

C4N: CRIME: Rotherham child abuse scandal: South Yorkshire Police Commissioner Shaun Wright confronted by angry relatives

South Yorkshire’s embattled Police and Crime Commissioner has been confronted by angry relatives and victims of sexual abuse in Rotherham. Shaun Wright was derided during his first public meeting since a report revealed that over 1400 children had been sexually assaulted over a 16 year period. Mr Wright hastily left the meeting before South Yorkshire’s Police and Crime Panel passed a vote of no confidence in him and called for a change in the law allowing him to be sacked.

11 September 2014

Ref: T11091424

Contains: 2 Clips


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Rights Managed
T11091424 0


ENGLAND: Yorkshire: Rotherham: EXT AMATEUR VIDEO Councillor calling for calm inside Council Chambers as woman in public gallery calls for South Yorkshire Police Commissioner Shaun Wright to resign / Shaun Wright speaking at microphone / Woman shouting ‘you let my sister be taken, you let her be groped and you left us and put us in taxis with the groomers back to a care home’ SOT AMATEUR VIDEO Man holding microphone speaking SOT – My daughter was charged with drunk disorderly at 12 years old and four men were allowed to walk free – why? You are a disgrace, if I had a gun, I’d shoot you AMATEUR VIDEO Wright at microphone and speaking SOT – My belief it that everyone shares some responsibility for keeping children and young people safe, it takes a community to raise a child and it takes a community to safeguard and look after the interests of a child, I believe that everyone that’s been involved in delivering those services ..need to search their own consciences (noise from public galler…
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T11091424 1917


EXT South Yorkshire Police Commissioner Shaun Wright along from Council hearing as ITN reporter approaches and asks him if he really thinks he should stay in job and Wright into car as protesters heard chanting ‘Shaun Wright out’ SOT Car away at speed as chanting continues SOT NIGHT Full moon seen through branches of tree PULL FOCUS to blurred shot Street lamp outside house Lamp with tree branch in foreground ‘Holly’ with ITN Reporter and interview SOT – then I didn’t see it as that bad, but when I look back on it – being dragged about by hair by 23 year old man, punched in face, made to have sex – its disgusting – (on whether she thinks its still a problem) yeah, police don’t see everything CUTAWAY Garages at night Headlights of car along DAY/INT Anonymous interview with former children’s home worker (Actor’s voice) SOT – They were 13,14, 15 year old girls, the men were late 20s, maybe early 30s / its was disgusting, heartbreaking.. knowing there was nothing you could do apart f…
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