help me please get justice for 4 innocent babies who dont deserve to suffer anymore please

i have been fighting all my life with walsall council when i was in care /and know with my family all i am asking is please help me save 4 babies who are suffering through walsall councils cover ups and social workers lies and more/know it has been proved my children do not need to be in care and that i am capable of been the best mom ever

and what i need to know is why when they took my babies in 2012 why did they leave me 2 of my other big babies who have severe disabiltys and more and know they are inspirational young men to people with disabilities

and why did the system lie to take my children because in 2012 walsall council was classed as inadequate like they have for the last 2 yrs so why did they take innocent children from innocent parents well they did because of there cover ups and corruption

and my children have been proved to be right on the mistreatment they have and are suffering from the silence between the doors of the systems so what else have my children been suffering

i wish i could show you all the evidence but to protect my babies i cant but does this not prove that children in the systems do tell the truth

so all im asking please help me save 4 beautifull children who need there suffering stopped and justice served please

this will mean everythinbg to my all my 8 children for them to be stopped mistreated

and it will mean everything to me too

thank you

clare wakeman


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