since the age of 6 i have always felt like i dont belong or fit in anywere 

i dont know why but i did

all i ever wanted was to be special in my own way

but i knew this would never happen because of the way i am

i could not understand why i was not exepted

but as i grew up

and still felt not loved

not wanted

and was always pushed out

it gave me the view of why am i here in this cruel world

but as i grew in to a woman i found why cus i was

diagnosed with adhg

and i hated my self for having this and for my children having it

but i have accepted me having this

and my 2 lads with adhg and autism are inspirational

but so am all my children

proffessionals have used my adhg against me and destroyed my family cus of it

but you know 3 yrs ago our lives was turned up side down

and i did not know were to start

i could not read


or understand

but i made my children a promice and that was i wont stop fighting

and i have not

i learnt myself to read /write/and sort of understand

but just because i have a disabilty does not mean i am not capable of doing what a parent

without a disabilty can do

i have had to fight most of my life

fight to be loved

fight to be wanted

and fight for my children

but have i done something so bad to have to keep fighting through my life

i aint getting no younger

and my children are growing in to young men and women

and who all 8 are all my inspirations because no matter how many times

iv been knocked down and my children for some reason my children are still standing and that to me says it all

all im trying to say is please dont give up on what you have and love and preciate every minuite and enjoy every minuite of your childrens lives please

so from a woman who is tired of fighting for all i have and the air i breath is for my children and the reason im standing today

i have been blessed with been the mom to 8 children who deserve to know what a family feels like and they deserve all the happiness that is coming to them

thank you to all of you

clare wakeman

and the proud mom of 8 children


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