CAMDEN – where theatre meets reality: a play on #abuse in a children’s home

theres been more cover ups in walsall council that i can say but i will say that walsall foster children are been mistreated know and they need help

National Inquiry into Organised, Orchestrated & Historic Child Sexual Abuse

Theatro Technis is the historically creative venue for a new contemporary play The Orchard House on what is becoming more and more of a scandal:

  • historical abuse in children’s homes;
  • current organised and orchestrated abuse;
  • child snatching and forced adoptions to ensure the ‘supply’ of children – preferably from foreigners, single mothers, working class and parents with learning disabilities…

Ironically, the case of the Nigerian Musas who have been deported whilst their seven children have been kept in the ‘care’ of Haringey Council, is not the worst of all known any more. It has been topped by two children who used to live in Camden and have now been taken into ‘care’ after they confessed to their mother how their father has been abusing them in their primary school in Hampstead, together with many other adults and children.

You can’t make it up, but the evidence is overwhelming:

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