Christmas, a time of hardship and crisis for the fortunate minority

you know the goverment have money to help the elderly and the young but all they care about is that they are warm and fed for xmas but the other people of the world need who dont have alot

How To Get To The Top

Brian, not his real name, has spoken to this Blog on the basis that we do not reveal his true identity. Brian is very, very depressed and is all alone in the Social Media world with no-one to Tweet, Facebook, Instagram, Snap Chat or even ring to talk though his issues with.

Brian is really quite upset as you can see Brian is really quite upset as you can see

Brian has a well-paid job, a happy marriage and two healthy, well brought up and obedient children and he also gets on extremely well with his Mother-in-Law.

And that’s where his Xmas problems started. Brian and his family are looking forward to the festive season, as they do every year, where they will, as usual, have a fun filled, family centric time together, eating well but healthily with a few drinks but well within the acceptable number of units as recommended by the Health watchdog. They will then watch…

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